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The Foods of Our Family

The Foods of Our Family is a personal recipe collection. Designed to feel at home in a modern yet well-loved kitchen, its elegant pages brim with personal anecdotes from family and the chef's own handwritten notes. Layers of pastel colors add a delicate charm to the pages, and offset typography feels lightheartedly resolved.

Freelance, Designer/Content Strategist.'s Careculator

How much should you spend on Mom's christmas gift this year? Let's find out.

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Grounded in a human-centric approach to user experience design, Jenna has an underlying interest in the human condition. This fundamental curiosity of people influenced her study of psychology and sociology. The visual identity connects textural elements of wireframing with unique typography and a modern color set. Together, the elements feel functional and considered, yet grounded in human detail.

Freelance, Designer/Developer.

Percolata is an all-in-one hardware and software solution that helps retailers predict in-store traffic and staff employees accordingly.

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St. Ives #NextTopScrub

A consumer-sourced scrub.

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More than 2,112,409 photos have helped 122 causes so far.

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Stay Beautiful, NYC

Hidden under grime and sandwiched between thousands of buildings, New York City hides beautiful moments just waiting to be appreciated. Stay Beautiful, NYC combines shot-from-the-hip photography with an intricate Google Map street view integration. The journal encourage users to admire this iconic city, then go discover it for themselves.

Personal Project, Designer/ Developer/ Photographer:

A better way to buy & sell homes: an online marketplace designed to put users at the center of their sale.

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L'Oreal Paris at the 2015 Golden Globes

The ultimate real-time “get-the-look" experience that brought viewers closer to the red carpet beauty scene than ever before.

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Windsor Neckwear

A luxury neckwear company focused on bringing the personas of classic British icons to life.
American Ballet Theatre

A proposed rebrand for the most prestigious and celebrated ballet company in the nation.
Porcelain Tea Company

A tea company that creates uniquely-flavored teas with classic Victorian integrity.